Center for Medical Genomics

Bringing together researchers in medicine, genomics, molecular biology and statistics to advance basic genomic research and translate that research into new diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive medical strategies.


Archetti Lab

Evolutionary Game Theory, Applied Game Theory, Evolutionary Genetics, Dynamics of Cancer

Carrel Lab

Genomics of X chromosome inactivation

Cheng Lab

Convergence Science approaches to phenomics, cancer genetics, web-based resources, image Informatics, systems genetics, genomics, and pigmentation genetics

Chiaromonte Lab

Statistical genomics

Dovat Lab

Pediatrics, Hematology, Oncology

Eckert Lab

Molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis in human cells as related to cancer

Fernández-Rhodes Lab

Genetic, Epigenetic, and Social Epidemiology

Girirajan Lab

Genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders

Gonzalez Lab

Neuropsychiatric genetics in diverse populations

Hicks Lab

Assistant Prof in the Dept of Pediatrics

Janicki Lab


Krasilnikova Lab

Mechanisms of trinucleotide repeats diseases

Li Lab

Developing statistical methods for uncovering complicated patterns in large and complex data

Liu Lab

Statistical Genetics; Complex Trait Genetics; Functional Genomics

Makova Lab

Bioinformatics and genomics

Medvedev Lab

Computational Approaches for High-Throughput Sequencing Data

Paul Lab

Newborn health outcomes, childhood obesity, breastfeeding, pediatric therapeutics, asthma

Reimherr Lab

Functional Data Analysis; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Statistical Genetics; High Dimensional Regression and Screening; Functional Time Series and Spatio-Temporal Processes; Change-Point Analysis

Spratt Lab

The Enzymology of DNA Repair and Mutagenesis; Mechanisms of fidelity and mutagenesis of DNA polymerases

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. Functional data analysis for computational biology.. BIOINFORMATICS, 2019.


. DiscoverY: a classifier for identifying Y chromosome sequences in male assemblies.. BMC GENOMICS, 2019.


. High satellite repeat turnover in great apes studied with short- and long-read technologies.. MOL BIOL EVOL, 2019.


. Correcting palindromes in long reads after whole-genome amplification.. BMC GENOMICS, 2018.


. Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked To Oral Microbiota Composition.. SCI REP-UK, 2018.


. High Levels of Copy Number Variation of Ampliconic Genes across Major Human Y Haplogroups.. GENOME BIOL EVOL, 2018.



Director of the Center
Kateryna Makova